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Enclave RPG - mod journal
10.09.11 - premise

A few years ago, a group of scientists predicted a solar flare large enough to scorch the earth in 2016. The newspapers, news shows, and radios began talking it up as another "false prediction!" while the scientists acquired and began to renovate and stock up a nuclear bunker before the impending disaster but both were wrong. The solar flare happened, five years earlier and you were one of the lucky ones. Three days before the end of the world as you knew it, you were found by Team Omega and offered a first class refuge at an underground facility safe from the radiation and ungodly heat. The door is sealed closed, and the people are piled in.

You and about 100 people are living in the underground stronghold, listening to radio reports from the government and other personalities that were smart enough to go into hiding. Over the past few weeks you've been hearing reports of pregnant women dying in similar shelters all over the world. You disregard it until, one day, you realize the true reason for your salvation. You were picked at random and without your knowledge or consent, to save the human race from extinction. You have nowhere to run. All the buildings and luxuries have burned away in the scorching heat. The only thing you know about the people you will be spending all your time with from now on is that they are in the same boat as you, celebrities who have been saved with a sole purpose of becoming new forefathers of mankind.
10.05.11 - drop off box
got a question? a comment? need to go on hiatus? screenname change? a concern? whatever it is, drop it here, and someone will get to you within 24 hours. suggestions and ideas are very welcomed. comments screened.
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